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The News & What it Means – China’s ASF Problems Impacting Hog Markets and Feed Demand. It’s a HUGE Global Event!

By John DePutter & Dave Milne – April 17, 2019
The news:

“Up to 200 million pigs could be culled or die from being infected as African swine fever spreads through China, Rabobank said, by far the highest such forecast yet and underscoring the gravity of the epidemic in the world’s top pork producer.”

– Reuters, Apr. 12, 2019

The News & What it Means – History Repeats amid Renewed Calls for Farmer Assistance

By John DePutter & Dave Milne – September 27, 2018


The news:

“No financial aid package is in the works for Canada’s livestock sector, Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay says — despite pleas from producer groups who warn plummeting prices are forcing producers out of business.”

– iPolitics, Sept. 17, 2018

The News & What it Means – Hog Market Bucking Old Adage & Corn Price Outlook Turns Positive

By John DePutter & Dave Milne – June 6, 2017


The news:

Hogs up sharply! For agricultural commodities, larger supplies generally result in lower prices. But this year’s hog market is going against that adage – with both larger supplies and higher prices!

– Commentary by Chris Hurt, Dept of Ag Economics, University of Illinois, on farmdoc daily, June 5, 2017.