COVID-19 Data and Graphs

DePutter Publishing is following closely the evolution of the COVID-19 Pandemic, particularly to understand its impact on the ag markets and the food supply chain.

Commentary about this, including recommendations on how to handle key decisions about production and markets, is available through our services (free trial available).

In the pages linked below we offer data and graphs that we consider of most interesting for people in the ag business in Canada. We provide both in-house graphics and a selection of external resources.

Cases worldwide: total&per capita
Daily cases worldwide
Deaths worldwide: total&per capita
Daily deaths worldwide
Cases&Deaths worldwide: timelines for countries with largest numbers
Cases: Timelines for All Countries
Deaths: Timelines for All Countries

Cases in Canada: total&per capita trajectories
Deaths in Canada: total&per capita trajectories
Current situation in Canada
Current situation in Alberta
Current situation in Ontario
Current situation in Quebec

United States
Current situation of cases by state
Current situation of deaths by state
Cases&Deaths in the United States: timelines
Cases&Deaths in the United States: growth rates
Current situation in the United States
Excess Deaths in the United States