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Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline

By Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson

Review by John DePutter – December 22, 2019

Empty Planet makes the case that the world’s population will peak sometime between 2040 and 2060, level out and then begin a long-lasting decline.

This book makes a compelling case that population growth will be significantly less than has been predicted. It suggests that the world’s population may never grow from its current 7 billion to anywhere near the 11 billion which the United Nations forecasts will be reached by 2100.

Farming in the Netherlands

By John DePutter – November 20, 2017


“A tiny country…an agricultural giant.”


That’s how National Geographic described the Netherlands in a September 2017 article highlighting the nation’s agriculture and food prowess.


Holland’s agricultural strength — including world-leading science, engineering and innovation — is nothing new.

Recommended Reads – The Black Swan

by John DePutter, May 1st, 2012
In my last post, I mentioned that I often share book recommendations with customers and other people I meet – and as part of my series of suggestions, here’s another to consider adding to your reading list.

It’s The Black Swan, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.  This one is harder going than my previous suggestions, but if you’ll take your time with it, gleaning bits and pieces of wisdom, you’ll find lots.

Recommended Reads – Michael Lewis

by John DePutter, April 5th, 2012
I frequently share book recommendations as part of my conversations with customers, and sometimes I hear back from them on how certain books have made an impact on them.

The “recommended reads” posts will be part of a series in which share some of my favourites with a few comments on why I think they’re valuable and how they’ve shaped my view of the markets and agribusiness.