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Passionate about agriculture?
Mad about the markets?
Maybe it’s time to join the DePutter team.

Our Culture

The DePutter culture is entrepreneurial. People here bring their ideas, their insight, and their passion to work every day. The markets aren’t just about numbers. We do our best to make sure every bit of data, every number on a chart, and every recommendation are carefully checked. We care a lot about farming and the people we serve.

What we offer

  • The team is hard-working and quality conscious. The result is quality work everyday and satisfaction from our group effort. We help each other out.
  • Employees get flexibility. Work-life balance is important to us, as is creating a friendly environment. It’s not uncommon to see family members stopping in to say hello.
  • All employees enjoy the freedom to express themselves and try out new ideas. New insights, fresh perspectives, and suggestions on how to do things differently are welcomed.
  • We promote a culture of learning, where senior team members mentor and support younger staff members and help them grow. You can develop your skills and knowledge with us.
  • All team members have an opportunity at the DePutter company to make a difference in the lives of farmers.


DePutter Publishing is searching for analysts, researchers and writers with a passion for agriculture and a proven track record in commodities markets. If you think you’d be a good fit for the DePutter team, please get in touch. Check out our current positions.


Executive Assistant and Team Supporter

DePutter Publishing seeks an Executive Assistant for John DePutter.

This role will involve helping with travel plans, agenda planning, financial record-keeping, organizing e-mails and digital files and various similar day-to-day activities.

Additionally, the role will entail Team Support for DePutter Publishing Ltd: Helping us edit and send newsletters, producing and editing Powerpoint files, entering data, producing charts and graphs and inserting of these into our reports; helping with various research projects.

Is this job for you?

What you’ll need to enjoy this job and thrive in it:

You will have an interest in supporting active, experienced business leaders.

You will be happy doing a variety of office jobs, not scared of the nuts and bolts of the details, and you’ll be a person who feels at home in a quiet and thoughtful office atmosphere.

You won’t be daunted by deadlines. You’ll be a planner but you must able to adapt to new project ideas as they arise, sometimes without advance notice. You’ll be comfortable with routines but will have to jump out of the routine at times.

It’s important to be able to work with both words and numbers.

We are interested in someone willing to do various basic jobs around the office and also at times take on a leadership role and bring in new ideas.

The location for this position is London, Ontario Canada.

To seize this opportunity, email your resume with a detailed cover letter, to:

John DePutter:

We thank all applicants for their interest. Only those who are chosen for interviews will be contacted.